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ABOUT THE Hydrogen Hot Rodders  Handbook & Free Pocket GUIDE  

For Mobiles

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A group of web builders and enthusiasts started this global project to replicate Stanley Meyer's Patents and Parts to a full working state.


It was not one person but many located all around the world. Who upon hearing Stanley Meyer's story decided to help  each other and get it done and make people aware. 

And share what we can to ensure the tech is deployed and Hydrogen on demand happens as  Stanley designed to happen.

Many Great Companies and Products have since to date

be born from this work. 

This started as a hobby for many of us but soon turned into a full time job for me and others with demands coming at from around the world to help . Through this Hydrogen Hot Rod Website and others we Teach advise and share techniques with Survey design and selling & marketing what builders and contractors can do.


We Hydrogen Hot Rodders to advance and to help fund their efforts.  This is now a industry a Hydrogen Industry fueled by millions of home builders.

The Hydrogen Economy has Now Started .

JOIN US HELP US SUPPORT US and you will benefit from Cheaper Fuel Safe Air and Happy Healthy Days for your Children.

Many Forums started and many home builders started applying their skills to re create Stan's Magic Water Fueled Buggy and Various Devices that teach the methods and techniques.  


Some Forums Stood out and many grew very fast nearly all are documented on the Web and this site to allow the fast uptake and use of Stanley Meyer's Water Fuel  Technology by Hydrogen Hot Rodders around the world.. 

We started representing the home builders who did advance ahead of others, builders who put all other things aside to achieve some of the replications, 


We  asked them to make over runs and have us sell promote and distribute to other builders around the world in an effort to speed up replications and share advanced knowledge in ways that make sense whilst generating money back to them for further advancement.


This preserved the information and has now been made into this  DIY Guide for you to have fast uptake while building.


We are a strong advocate for Hydrogen Hot Rodding and Support many Events and Functions

With many of Stan's Secrets being unlocked, and replicated around the world, now this guide is a very handy tool to have on hand on your phone you will win arguments and you will use the technology to make fuel from water..

We have reached a Point now where we need to further the technology and advance the constant sharing of information thus we have moved to Clubs Teams and The General Business of Parts Supply from factories and home builders advancing workshops..


Basic Funding is required to cover costs & keep the guide online and updated with the latest parts and knowledge this comes from parts sales . So I invite your purchase of parts from our shop please. 


Purchases are welcomed to assist with supporting builders and the information strengthening for forever.


We moved our DIY section to here in

March 2014 and The Brand Launched in 2019 it is being sharpened and improved as a great first stop to gain insight  and knowledge.


We all encourage your support and the understanding, to join us as a client and stand up for this movement to switch all Combustion engines to hydrogen on demand.


Your businesses can save a lot of money on gasoline at the same time and be socially responsible. 


Your purchase support advances access to our information for every one and helps clean up the air. 


With this Knowledge you can convert and apply the technology to all combustion engines , boilers and fuel consumer machines and save money, save maintenance and have clean air for your children.


Secure Supplies is Focused on Survey Design supply of Hydrogen Fuel Fixed Power Plants and Solar to Gas Fuel Makers for Healthy Community Fueling , Industrial Fueling and Maritime Fueling and port power and emission reduction.


Warmest  Regards 




Hydrogen Hot Rod Magazine
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