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About Stanley A Meyer 

Patents Granted

 USP # 4,936,961 - Method for the Production of a Fuel Gas 
USP # 4,826,581 - Controlled Production of Thermal Energy from Gases 
USP # 4,798,661 - Gas generator voltage control circuit 
USP # 4,613,779 ~ Electrical Pulse Generator 
USP # 4,613,304 ~ Gas Electrical H Generator 
USP # 4,465,455 ~ Start-up/Shut-down for H Gas Burner 
USP # 4,421,474 ~ H Gas Burner 
USP # 4,389,981 ~ H Gas Injector System for IC Engine 
USP # 4,275,950 ~ Light-Guide Lense 
USP # 3,970,070 ~ Solar Heating System 
USP # 4,265,224 ~ Multi-Stage Solar Storage System 
USP # 3,970,070 - Solar heating system

Canada Patent # 1,231,872 ~ H Injector System 
CP # 1,233,379 ~ H Gas Injector System for IC Engine 
CP # 1,235,669 ~ Controleld H Gas Flame 
CP # 1,228,833 ~ Gas Electrical H Generator 
CP # 1,227,094 ~ H/Air & Non-Combustible Gas  Mixing Combustion System 
CP # 1,234,774 ~ H Generator System 
CP # 1,234,773 ~ Resonant Cavity H Generator... 
CP # 1,213,671 ~ Electrical Particle Generator


Water Fuel Cell R&D Format

 Fuel Cell Technology: 
Electrical Polarization Process ~ Producing H gas economically from water by voltage stimulation 
Voltage Intensifier Circuit ~ Controls H gas production on demand 
Cluster Array ~ Light manufacturing 
Resonant Cavity ~Home/transportation 
Laser-Injected Resonant Cavity ~ Medium industry 
Atom-Injected Resonant Cavity ~ Heavy industry 
H Fracturing Process ~ Controlled energy yield from water atoms (Aircraft/rockets)

Processed H Gas: 
Rendering H Gas Safe ~ Adjust H gas burn rate to co-equal natural gasQuenching Circuit ~ Anti-Spark back 
Quenching Tube ~ Distribute H gas without spark ignition 
H Ignition ~ Sustain & maintain H flame regardless of gas rate 
Startup/Shutdown Electronic Circuit ~ Automatically reignites H gas after flame-out 
H Pipeline Storage ~ Transporting H gas through existing pipelines safely 
H Gas Reclaim ~ Recycling water for H re-use & producing pure drinking water

Electrical Power Generation: 
Electrical Particle Generator (EPG) ~ Using a magnetized gas or slurry to produce electrical energy without any air-gap 
EPG Mechanical Drive System ~ To propel said magnetized gas/slurry by mechanical displacement 
EPG Electromagnetic Drive System ~ To propel said magnetized gas/slurry by EM deflection 
EPG Laser Drive System ~ To propel said magnetized gas/slurry by photon or particle injection 
Magnetic Spin Generator ~ Reorient dyne-axis of said magnetized gas/slurry by variable pulse voltage 
Spiral Transformer Configuration ~ Pass electrical energy at high pulse voltage frequencies 
Electrical Pulsing Generator ~ EM amplifier that produces a variable voltage frequency

Electrical Feedback Network: 
Gas Activated Electrical Generator ~ Using a thermal pump to move said magnetized gas/slurry to produce electricity 
Internal Combustion Electrical Generator ~ Using IC engine power by processed H gas to move magnetized gas/slurry to produce electricity 
Fluid Drive Electrical Generator ~ Using H gas pressure to move magnetized gas/slurry to produce electricity 
Electrical Polarization Generator ~ Using electrically charged gas to produce electrical energy

Steam Resonator ~ Producing superheated steam by polar-voltage stimulation 
Light-Guide Lens Assembly ~ Collects, redirects, transfers & focuses solar energy without any moving parts 

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