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Buy a Ticket to the show game

It’s tough preserving and sharing cutting edge technologies as we invest in every item we build directly. This is where our YouTube channel comes in handy. In addition to Dan, all of our family works behind the scenes on the videos, website accounts to provide you with quality entertainment and Rare Technology access.

Together as a Family we manage Public Meetups, Technology Shows, and logistics for our overseas travels. The only reward the we tend to see

(besides food in the pantry and clothes on our backs) is when the audience engages with positive comments, encouragement, and sound advice on thriving in this with these  alternative technologies.

But now you can help us teach our kids that hard work really does pay off!                       


If you like the show, buy a “ticket;” proceeds will go to the direct production of the videos, including the Technology Tuesday series, enabling the kids to learn the value of deploying Technology vs. Status Quo, They gain the knowledge and benefit of working a part-time to spread and learn the Technologies shown and the skills to use them to save their futures.

You won’t actually get any tickets in the mail, but you will get a special email from the

Hydrogen Hot Rodding Crew (and probably an email from Paypal)


~Thanks in advance! Daniel & the Crew

(Contributions are not tax-deductible; Paypal charges a nominal fee for this service)

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