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Capacitor Electrolyzer Cells


Now that we know the principle behind how the tubes operated we must be able to build on this concept?
If it is indeed correct that the electropolished surface degrades and makes the tubes become inoperable then the question becomes how long will the polishing last? is it a matter of driving 400 miles and then all of a sudden it needs another polish?

What possible ways are there to a)increase the life of the unit and b)further increase the capacitance?

For example a regular electrolytic capacitor uses 2 plates separated by an electrolyte but have a look at a supercapacitor and we start talking about some serious capacitance. Some people use them to start their cars with and run them instead of car batteries. So if we have a look at the concept upon which they operate ...Is it then possible to apply a similar concept to the electropolishing plates? 

For example separate the plates using some type of carbon layer? or other material?


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Capacitor hho Cells
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