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Coil Winders For Hot Rodders

This is my coil winder with the mount I made to hold the VIC tube.  Coil winder has counter and can be used either 1 to 1 or 1 to 8.  The drive gears on new mount were selected to maintain this ratio.  See Coil winder with VIC Tube.jpg   The item laying on the base is used to wind fishing flies.  I cut off the wires and just used tube.  I needed this mount to hold the rectangle tube to keep tube centered and because hole in tube is too small to fit shaft of coil winder.  There at 2 flange bearings in each post to keep things straight. I was concerned about the tension on belt causing problems without them.  Purchased them on Amazon.  These match 4mm hole on one of the drive gears.  I just used a 4mm screw to mount gear and wood box holding tube.


F695-2RS Bearing 5x13x4mm Flanged Miniature F695-RS Deep Groove Ball Bearings F695RS for VORON Mobius 2/3 3D Printer (Pick of 10Pcs)


I purchase the drive gears and belt on Amazon.  Kit Befenybay 2 Kit GT2 Synchronous Wheel 20&36 Teeth 8mm Bore Aluminum Timing Pulley with 2 pcs Length 200mm Width 6mm Belt (20-36T-8B-6)


Kit came with 2 large gears 2 small gears and belt.  I did purchase 2 different kits one for each size shaft, I used larger gear from each set this allowed me to keep the ratios the same as outside diameter is the same.


You can see it the tube better in the “Coil winder closeup of tube mount.jpg”.  The mount holding the tube manually swings left and right to guide the wire on to the coil though the tube.  While there is a slight arc during this movement it should not be a problem.  I used this tube as it has a ceramic tip and should protect the coating on the wire.  There are two bearings in the front mount top and bottom and a hole in the mount for the wire to feed though.


This mount can be moved over, and I drilled holes so it can be centered on each of the 3 coils spools.


The next step is to build a bracket to hold the spool of wire.  This should be easy, and I will provide a means of keeping tension on wire, so it spools cleanly.


Most likely with need more wire as I only have a pound.  Wanted to make sure I could build a coil before I ordered more.


The rest of the ferrite pieces I ordered from eBay arrived, so I have all those

Coil winder with ViC tube.JPG
Coil winder close up of tube mount.JPG
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