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Complete Units 


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After Many Years of building and testing we now have out Stackable Voltrolysis units in

Mass Production. 

  • Solar Direction Connect and Charge Controller, 

  • Lithium Phosphate BMS inside 

  • Lithium Phoshate Battery 

  • 9xa Stanley a Meyer with Ardunio Controller

  • Series Stackable for multi Arrays

  • Can add More Battery by Series connection 

  • Direct connect you Water Fuel Cells 

  • Temp Sensors 

  • Pressure Sensors 

  • Steel insulated water resistant case  

  •  MOQ 200 Pc 

  • To Register you interest to be a reseller  email

  • or text whatsapp + 1 520 848 1659 

Solar HYdrogen Battery Voltrolysis Inside Secure Supplies.jpg
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