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ECU  for Stanley Meyer Tech 



ECU for Stanley Meyer TECH Plug and play piggy back like LPG Kits have.This is the WAY THis is the MODERN GMS For Stanley Meyer. Time to start reprograming and sharing software and ecu piggy back plug insInputsSensors and switches provide electrical signals to the control unit. These signals areprovided to the ECU to inform it of various vehicle operating conditions. The electricalinputs can be either analog or digital signals. However, all of the signals are converted todigital signals before the ECU can process the information.Digital Input SignalsDigital signals are ON-OFF (Hi-Low) voltage pulses Gated Signals.Analog Input SignalsAn Analog signal is a voltage that varies over a period of time. Analog signals areproduced by sensors in the vehicle. Sensors change resistance to deliver variable voltagesignals. This type of Sensor sine wave signals are typical analog signals.Control Unit LogicThe control unit processes digital signals in two forms. To the control unit the signal iseither ON or OFF. In computer logic an ON or high voltage signal is a "1" and an OFF orlow voltage signal is a "0". The control unit uses combinations of these signals to control itsoutputs. The controller uses inputs from many sensors to determine what outputs it willmake and at what time it will make them. These outputs control a variety of functions fromautomatic speed control to engine driveability.OutputsAn Output is simply an action the control unit tells an electrical component to make. Basedon the calculations the control unit makes of the inputs, it will signal an action. The outputcan tell a component to perform a function for a period of time.Inputs We HaveAir Fuel Ratio Oxygen SensorCrank positionCamshaft/Crankshaft Position Sensor (CPS)Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) For (egr)The Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor measures changes in the intake manifold pressure resulting from engine load and speed changes. The ECM sends a 5-volt reference signal to the MAPsensor. As pressure changes in the intake manifold occurs, the electrical resistance of the MAP sensor also changes. By monitoring the sensor output voltage, the computer can determine themanifold absolute pressure. The higher the MAP voltage output the lower the engine vacuum, which requires more fuel. The lower the MAP voltage output the higher the engine vacuum, whichrequires less fuel. Under certain conditions, the MAP sensor is also used to measure barometric pressure. This allows the computer to automatically adjust for different altitudes. The computer usesthe MAP sensor to control fuel delivery and ignition timing.These are some of the most important signals that the ECM takes to control the fuel injection system in an efficient way for proper fuel management.RPM of engineOil PressureOil TempCoolant Temperature Sensor (CTS)Knock Sensor (KS)Manifold Air temperature Sensor (MAT)Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS)Engine Speed Out put shaft SpeedIgnitionHeated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S)Out put we have Switch Outputs – On/Off Switch type outputsPWM Outputs – variable frequency and duty cycle (e.g. injector or ignition)Frequency Outputs – constant duty cycle (e.g. stepper motor – idle speed control)EGR Shut off solenoid Pump RelayInjector signals duty pulseIdle air controlmixture control solenoidoxgen feed back solenoidpurge controlthrottle bypass valveAir fuel rationCool fan operationEgr Control of solenoidFuel Delivery Ait air operationide speedignition timeInputs We needEGR PositionAir Gate PositionDuty PositionGate PositionPulse Frequency(please help add more here.)Out Puts We NeedDuty Adjust Gate Adjst Pulse Freuency Adjust================================================================PLEASE EMAIL ME WITH SUGESSTION FOR ABOVE SO I CAN REFINE LIST FOROTHERS FOR FAST UPTAKE.AND BUILDING================================================================REference Videos PLEASE REMEMBER WE CAN MOVE SENSORS OR MAKE THEM DO OTHER THINGS INSIDE THE SOFTWARE NOT OUTSIDE ON THE HARD WARE THAT IS THE SMART WAY!!!!ECU ECU Engine Control Module Power Input

Thottle position SensorTPS ECU Signal Circuit

 as the engines RPM increases, it increases the voltage amplitude and gate's duty cycle proportionally to the switch and VIC and cel

Oxygen Type Voltage Reistance SignalsChange able in the software do not make hardware changes

MAF Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor ECU Signal Circuit This is effect but the opening and closing of the "EGR valve exhuast recycle"This is Totally adjustable in the software do not make hard ware changes to map

Fuel Injector Pulser

Programming ECUS

Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Engineering Design(HIL) Test Platform PrototypingLOOK FAMILiAR?

LPG ECU FORUMS PLEASE LIST MORE them how to add in out sensors and new control signals out off of tps sensorssoftware add on's and software customizing for new sensors in and outNOTE PLEASE INVEST A LOT OF TIME TO SEARCH OUT HIL OPTIONS AROUND THE WORLD> ECU Design Prototype SoftwareFrom arouns the world and Post here If you have test bed design services to offer to add features to Piggy back LPG Ecu systems also welcome to communicateemail Chip upgrade in boards

We want A LPG ECU Which piggy Backs plug and play like most do now one which can take alot more in out sensors and has retrofit multi car make model after software we can add "fash" with extra in out sensors supported to and in the software flash like videos above. The Goals We want to use the TPS signal to adjust a out put of duty pwm and gate to VIC and Switch . We want to custom tune EGR solenoid timing and position We want to control further the air intake to restrict ambient air in. with a solenoid and position sensor.We have 2 air intake both ionized and with air gate controls on them.We want to controls advance r retard timeWe want to use LPG control like fuel pump off and oxygen sensor map sensor adjust.

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