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Electrical connections


It looks like you have machined out the socket head of the bigger screw and press fitted them together, am I right? Well done and should work just fin as long as the tolerances are just right! If there are some that might be a little loses Max motioned some silver solder.... might come in handy for filling in any joints Yes, that is exactly what I did. You want find any of these lose, the heads were pocket milled on the cnc mill to have a two thousand fit..


Here are the photo's of the completed connectors and installed it the cell.


mcmastercarr has 1/4 - 20 stainless studs and 1/4-20 staiunless flange nuts..........the flange nuts are flat.......when you machine the threaded hole, puyt a oring pocket on the hole to seat a oring, then the flat nut will seal the oring


Cell Connectors

Using Parralle Wire in HHO Systems

IThis is a Great Way to drop the amp and increase voltage

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