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Electronic Engineering Project Circuit Sale Discounts

Electronic Engineering Project Circuit Sale Discounts
Stanley A Meyer Circuit Board Sets.jpeg

Hydrogen Hot Rod Circuits - Water Fuel - Hydrogen On Demand 

Sisters and Brothers

We have a Christmas Deal if you Want all 40 rare impossible to get Circuit Boards 

I will ship to you  Immediately 


Valued at $80 x 40 pc + Shipping  $30  $3230  I agree it is a little high 

but this is due to the huge work involved to make these available as EXTREMELY RARE


So I will Offer you the Following

 to Spread the good around the world and support me too.


I am Having a New Hydrogen Year 2020 Sale 


 I will Discount and take off $2250  New total will be $980


I will Offer all Light Workers Boards with Shipping included       


   Total $980  Shipping Included 


This will Give you Full Set of 

Stanley Meyer Circuits Board For Water Fuel 


  • Epg Electrical Power Generator Circuit Board

  • Electron Extraction Board

  • 8XA Main Driver

  • 9xd Power Board Dual

  • 9xa Dual Frequencies with gate

  • 9xb Main Driver Circuit

  • SCR Switch for high voltage

  • Digital 8xa Board Main Driver

  • Led Pulser Board 

  • Alternator Board

  • Injectors Boards  GMS Gas Management System  

  • Distributor Board  GMS Gas Management System  

  • Digital Control Means Accelerator pedal board GMS Gas Management System  

  • Analogue voltage board  GMS Gas Management System  

  • Air gate tps tubing board  GMS Gas Management System  

  • Air Gate % Board  GMS Gas Management System  

  • Egr  Exhaust Recycle Board tuning board  GMS Gas Management System  

  • EGR Exhaust Gas Recycle  % Board  GMS Gas Management System GMS Gas Management System  

  • Small Led Array Board 

  • Medium ed Array Board 

  • Large Led Array Board 

  • throttle position sensor card  light sensitive original  GMS Gas Management System  

  • vic  training card 

  • vic 5 

  • Digital Pulse Frequency Generator GMS GMS Gas Management System  

  • Gated pulse frequency generator  GMS  GMS Gas Management System  

  • Variable Pulse Frequency Generator  GMS Gas Management System 

  • Regulated Power Supply  GMS Gas Management System

  • H Bridge  Cell Driver Board  GMS Gas Management System   

  • Digital Switch Scr New Styles Saleable


TO book and Order pending payment 

Email Daniel 

or test what's app + 1 520 848 1659 


All in Stock Bare Boards Immediate Shipping 

Shipping Fed Ex with Track Number 

Payment Western Union or Pay Pal 


    Total ALL Above $980  Shipping Included   


Gas Process VIC Power Supplies 

12 v DC to 5.2 Kv DC   $ 340

24v DC  to 6.2 KV DC  $ 440

Ac 220v to 6.2 Kv DC   $290

Ac 220v to 6.2 Kv DC   $290  



if adding the option vic power supplies than you need to as $80 Shipping

as heavy due to Transformers 


If you would like these Please Confirm how many Pcs and I arrange shipping 

to Start the New Hydrogen Year 2020 


Warmest Reagrds 

and Happy New Year  " The Hydrogen Year" 


     Warm Regards

     Daniel Donatelli


     Whatsapp/ Text  + 1 520 848 1659 

Stanley A Meyer Vic Power Supply.jpeg
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