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This Exact same system was used and invented by

Stuart Hilborn father of Hot Rods. 


We can learn alot from it for HHO Fuel Delivery to our NEw Age Hydrogen Hot Rods . 

Injectors can be a Venturi & Mechanical  


We can run Adjacent Paraelle ionized induction Channel

and restrict factory air intake . Like Stanley meyer Did.


With a Needle Valve it can go turbo high side installs also.


PLease Buy your Equipment form Secure Supplies .

Email us now about your application

what does 30.1/ 34.1 look like on a Megasquirt air fuel ratio map same for hydrogen people not rpm this is showing that lean burn control can go to 65.1 but minimium we need is 30.1 not rpm this applies to all engines motor bikes boats included

Another interesting carburettor is the Weber and Stromberg


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