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EPG Gas Testing Driving Circuits

We are learning the Toroidable Character and how to make it in the tube to achieve best magnetic result Photogenic injection coming soon 


From a Secret Lab


The negative resistance aspect definitely explains the strange fact, that the higher the input gain, the less stable it is.. I have to run -10dB and like 10-100mV input


This tube has 4 pins, 2 on each side, with what looks like a resistive spiraled element .. i'm obviously only hooking HV to one side of each.. So, it's true conduction, and not a form of oscillation coming from internal to the tube.

There IS some form of induction! But only when the wave is partially, to well defined.. when full saturation occurs, induction is reduced.

i'm actually resistive ballasting my power amp, so the HV stepup runs about 250vac, and choked current..

varying both frequency, input gain and output bias, i can shift the ionization starting point towards/away from that electrode

btw, you cant tell in the vids, but these nodules, when they start to travel, if i slow things way down, you can see they're more toroidal looking, and they literaly sub-divide when the next harmonic occurs.

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