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Methods to Make Metal Vapor Lamps 


Here is a goo place to look study Mercury Argon Vapor Lamp Manufacture

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Methods to Make Metal Vapor
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Attached is a representation of a Nickel Argonide (NiAr) gas matrix based on
the FeAr gas matrix shown in the Meyer New Zealand video and also the CoAr

it's interesting that Meyer shows (in a 2d representation) iron and argon sharing 4 electrons
The argon +1 ion can be achieved by high voltage sparks in a rarified argon gas
Additional "laser" excitement might allow more atoms in the outer shell to
leave the outer ring especially if in the presence of an electron extraction circuit

A  number of factors make it easier to extract the electrons from the transitional
metals used partly because of a lower ionization energy due to the greater distance
of the outer electron shell from the positive nucleus and that there\are more available
electrons to be pulled off. I suspect that in a 3d  configuration of the FeAr matrix
is similar to the cubic orthography of NaCl.   However the stability of the FeAr matrix
may be enhanced by the stabilizing forces due to the paramagnetism of FE Co or Ni
This is in addition to the ionic bonding force qq

The gas may be more of a nanocluster light enough to be carried by the Argon
carrier gas  analogous to sand in water or quicksand   3 to 20 FeAr per clump??

Magnetic Gas Stanley A Meyer.jpg
Magnetic Gas Stanley A Meyer  2.jpg
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