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EPG Version 3

Theta Coil with Toroidal Electro Magnetic Mirrors

and Stators.



You have found another Secret and another Fact From Stanley Meyer .  

Stanley Meyer Told the Truth 

a Toroid of Plasma can be formed from a Theta Coil and in Doing so the Plasma Become Magnetic. 

A Crystal Lattices can be a Thyroidal as can new Gas Mixes

 Oh Stan you checky Bugger well know we know 

Congratulations and thank you for Supporting Secure Supplies. 

Please also See the New Thread on MRI Resonance Gas Magnetisium

Enhancing with Laser Photonic Injection also invented by Stanley Meyer.

JoeCell Plasmoids.png

I Point out the Picture above , the knowledge was acquired from hrs and hrs of watching Joe Cell over and over ,  he gave the answer  and the  base thinking for my  connecting the dots here, with out Joes rings magnetics on a galvanic tube in a stainless case we would not  have learnt his thank you JOE for lightning comes out  in fact it does !!!

We can also Add Aton tesla  wave cone theory to this, and the fact that plasmoid space plasma engine run exactly the same way.  We live in a Marvelous world with marvelous things !!!!!

God Bless  Dan 


Stanley A Meyer

Told the truth they

are even using his maser technology in space craft as he designed.

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