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Hydrogen Hot Rod 

Technology Training Guide 


Hydrogen Hot Rod
Hydrogen Hot Rod
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The explosive force of a fuel is measured by its specific energy. Specific energy is the amount of energy that is released when a unit of mass of fuel is exploded in the cylinder. Hydrogen has a specific energy of 120 MJ/kg, while diesel fuel has a specific energy of 43 MJ/kg. This means that hydrogen has about three times the explosive force of diesel fuel. Overall, hydrogen has a much greater explosive force than diesel fuel. As When using Hydrogen as a Fuel we do not use the BTU of the fuel but the explosive force. A gallon of water contains about 111 grams of hydrogen, while a gallon of diesel fuel contains about 11 grams of hydrogen. This means that water has about 10 times more hydrogen than diesel fuel.

So the performance of a Diesel engine converted to run on hydrogen force not heat can be 10 times ore performance due to using the explosive force of hydrogen rather than btu heat In a diesel engine converted to run on hydrogen could be 10 times more powerful than a diesel engine that runs on heat. This is because hydrogen has a much higher specific energy than diesel fuel. Specific energy is the amount of energy that is released when a unit of mass of fuel is burned. Hydrogen has a specific energy of 120 MJ/kg, while diesel fuel has a specific energy of 43 MJ/kg. This means that hydrogen has about three times the specific energy of diesel fuel. There is a lot of potential for hydrogen as a fuel for transportation. Hydrogen is a clean, renewable energy source that has the potential to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. As the technology for hydrogen engines continues to improve, we can expect to see more and more hydrogen-powered vehicles on the road in the future. This joined with the new knowledge that we can suspend hydrogen with in the water itself as nano bubble water fuel mix means, Hydrogen has the potential to be a game-changer in the transportation sector as a clean, renewable, and high-performance fuel. Hydrogen-powered engines can have several advantages over traditional fossil fuel-powered engines, including lower emissions, higher energy efficiency, and better overall performance. #future #transportation #renewableenergy #renewableenergy #energy #water​

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Hydrogen Water Fuel Training Guide Updat
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You made it !! Welcome

We are a subscription based training guide, parts provider and strong industry advocate.


We are the most comprehensive guide to replicating and using these hydrogen hot Rod technologies most of which were initiated & invented by Stanley A Meyers from 1980 to 1996.

Hot Rods have always led the way with new technologies.


Welcome to the new Energy Frontier , 

"Hydrogen Hot Rod Clubs & Individual Home Builders drive the Future of Clean Sustainable Energy for their healthy communities."

Initial Notes

  1. Fortunately for us, Herman Anderson a leading Scientist proved independently on demand Hydrogen technologies fuel from water work,  by fueling the Stealth Fighter systems with it and Patenting it.

   2.Thank God for independent researchers and Hydrogen Hot Rods 

       that have proved  Stanley A Meyer to Be Telling the Truth and his 

      Technologies also Valid..

   3. This site provides the knowledge tools parts and Industry Links.

   4. The Parts Shown At Readily Accessible Parts similar but not exactly 

         the same as standard, this guide aims to show you with simple 

         modification you can product green hydrogen fuel on demand for

         your hot rod.

New Members and New Visitors please start and visit here LINK

The Worlds Hot Rodders have Joined Forces. 

Building in garages globally.

The Inspiration is  to Protect and Make Combustion Engine 

Hot Rods that are faster and  Green allowing Hot Rodding

to continue far in to the Future to the  Year 3000 and beyond.

Stanley A. Meyer died on March 27 1998 at the young age of 57.


It is vital that his research and resulting technological advances are not lost, but rather that his work is continued.


Join in the creative spirit and challenge (that is not driven by greed) and help in an endeavor that will revolutionize the world.


This effort will provide an efficient fuel source which is environmentally safe for use in Hot Rods

and High Performance Vehicles.

Hot Rod Model A



Intro to the Technology 

There are many Great Builder of Hydrogen Hot Rods, We have learnt from all of them, and incorporated as mush as we can into this website. 

Historical Importance.

 Here we put some key events that accrued to enable better understanding of how to apply these technologies we believe it is import to learnt some of the history surrounding the technologies. 

Hydrogen Hot Rod Usa United States of Am

Accelerator Controls 

With Advanced in the Ev sector we now have a great range of electronic pedals and 2 and 4 out put controllers ideal for our use in Hydrogen Hot Rod Conversions.

Alternators and Kits 

There are many great advances in Alternators particular with high voltages and less amps, we see now flat wire  wound 6 pole option now and show case some of the knowledge and history here.  These help us make voltrolysis a little easier. 

Burn Rate Control - Laminar Flame Speed Adjust

Adjust the burn rate of our newly release fuels on demand is a key point to co equaling and replacing all fossil fuels. 

Hydrogen Hot Rod Usa United States of Am

Circuit Boards 

We Have a Variety of Circuit we are rather easy to obtain now. They control the Gas Product and various transducers for measuring our engine vitals.

Ones listed below are Hobby Study and builder boards to learn the technology fundamentals for the various configuration options Please besure to check our forums for the configuration styles and diagrams.

Hot Rod Willies Custom
Hot Rod Salt Lake At Dawn
Hydorgen Hot Rod Magazine

Control Valves 

 Mini Spider Valve or Need Vales are suitable for control egr and gas mixtures for feeding to our injection systems on  Hot rods

Costings on Parts/ Vendors

Here we post some indications of parts kits cost and assembly sets.

Hot Poster Drag Race

Distributor and Ignition Parts | Laser Distributor

We can use all modern ignitions systems, we like to have a second pick up out put input from the accelerator pedal or tps so we can control the gas production levels and ping it to adjustable timing..

ECU EMS - GMS CONTROL UNIT ( Gas Management Control Unit)

 Our Ecu is very much similar to a after market ecu /ems, we just focus a little more on the air fuel ratio, gas volume control, air gate or throttle body cut off and intake % and egr control and volume.                         


We are tuning for a more pure result in the fuel so we  have a unlocked ecu for this purpose in some case we can stage 3 to 5 rails of injection to meet the volume demand whilst sill have precise control on volumes. 


EGR Kts and Parts

A correctly configured and timed Egr valve solenoid system

is one of the 3 main parts required to control our new water fuel and gas fuel burn rates and/or laminar flame speed. to co equal and replace gasoline.

Hydrogen Hot Rod

Exhaust Re claimer 

 This device recaptures some of the water and egr gas volume. It works similar to a Gas processor and electron extractor, it ionizes the exhaust egr gas and removes electrons ensuring its positive charged before mixing with our water fuel or water fuel gas. To avoid grounding the GTNT fuels we have made on demand.

Electron Extraction

This is a Method and a Set of devices to ionize or excite gases and remove electrons to make them positive charged nad in a  more useful fuel state.               This can also be done in the water bath.The purpose is to make nature   

un balanced the period in which we want to have fuel ready to use.

And create more explosive (non Implosive )fuel gases and water fuels. 

Hydrogen Hot Rod
Hydrogen Hot Rod Usa United States

EPG Magnetic Gas Blends and Solutions

Here we detail several medium that can work in the Solid State

EPG electrical Power Generator

Hydrogen Hot Rod Usa United States

Fuel Variations using water

We have some basic formulas  that make explosive yield.

Gas flow battery 

This device can go before EPG or just on top of a cell in some design applications to further remove electrons and make a looped back power source from what is already store in the water by nature.

Hydrogen Hot Rod Usa United States

Gas Processor - Engine AIr Intake  

This Devise Ionizes and removes electron from the incoming air to engine while limiting and minimizing the ambient air coming in as we have o2 from the water and gas volume from egr from the exhaust gas return,

Gas Gun 

This device further processes hho gas water fuel mixes to become jet and after burner fuels.

Hot Rod Drag Racer Gang

Hot Rod Building 

Ready Made Full Size Hot Rod Vehicle Replicas and Ride Enhancement kits


Not Generally use for engines but we can make home heat and steam with these version of the technologies. Originally designed to defrost water efficiently in water tank.

Steam Resonators

Designed  to defrost water efficiently in water tank.

  • Steam Resonators and Application

  • Steam Resonator  Parts​​                       

Hydrogen Hot Rod Usa United States

Injectors  | Injection  System 

2 Types of hydrogen fuel injectors gaseous and water spark 2 in 1

Hydrogen Hot Rod Usa United States
Hydrogen Hot Rod Usa United States

Quenching Tube Crystal Photonic Tube  

 A new type of fuel line with ant spark anti flash back built in liquid/gas

Refrigeration of Water Fuel

Fuel injection bypass  water fuel must stay cool and positive charged.

Hydrogen Hot Rod Usa United States
Hydrogen Hot Rod Usa United States

Please feel Invited to Order these Prints, Posters and Tin Signs in our Magazines Shop  HERE

Hot Rod Salt Lake Racer.

Water Pumps 

Special Pumps that do not ground back electrons to water or gases 

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