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Stanley Meyer LAZER LED Driver Circuits

Stanley Meyer LED Vcsel DriverCircuit Picosecond

We Have Learnt that we need to have a Driver in the Picosecond or greater to have the best effect

We have a  electronic card and making  several boards of this caliber

The SST165 Card is being tested at this time

The SST165 can drive LEDs, provided that their Vf is 2.5V or less, during operation. 


If a higher voltage LED is required, the SSD200 may be another option, albeit for pulsing at higher currents

(say around 100mA to 4A range), with Vf up to 9V, under certain conditions.

The SST165-2 or SST165-9 (evaluation kit version of the SST165-2) can deliver current pulses that have a risetime in the hundreds of picoseconds (ps).  Given a suitable diode, operating in 'gain-switched' mode, a laser diode can develop optical pulse widths less than 100 picoseconds; smaller numbers is faster. 


The SST165-14 output current pulse risetime is intentionally slowed down, for applications not requiring the extremely fast switching speed. 


The issue is with circuit parasitics; faster pulses can excite ringing if there is excessive parasitic

inductance and capacitance in the drive path. 


Using a slower-switching laser drive pulse reduces the tendency to excite these parasitics for a given application.  Keep in mind the bond wires and chip die area both contribute to these parasitics,

along with lead-length and wiring.

The SST165 is intended to be driven from +5V,


so a DC-DC regulator would need to be supplied to operate from +12 to +24V DC. 


The D200 can operate with +12V, given adequate airflow. 

Powering a D200 from +12V will allow driving lasers or diodes with forward voltages up to 9 Volts.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the SST165 is not DC-coupled (it won't drive a laser or LED CW, or, continuously 'ON'),

and is  meant for duty cycles that are less than 40% for the SST165-12 or SST165-14. 


All versions of the SST165 have a 50mA average laser drive limit,

and up to 700mA peak current drive capability. 


The SSD200 is DC-coupled, and doesn't have an 'ON' time limit; it can drive loads continuously.

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