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Natures Power

Over the Years some of the most exotic cutting edge inventors and builders impart tips, offen in conversation and or presentations.

Hardly ever written down, Why ?

Mostly they are the secrets. Skills of the Art Word of mouth only.

Some of which is learnt by doing the pain of the game.

How to Power the 9Xb and 9XA from Natural ambient power in nature. 

To make Water Fuels for Heating cooking welding running engines and power.


Inputs to be shown here 

  • Water Electron flow

  • Sea Water Electron Flow

  • Air flow

  • Gas flow

  • Solar

  • Heat to Power

  • Gas to Light to Power

  • Geothermal Power

  • Earth and Tree Batteries

  • Electro Static Zener Wave 

  • Loops from Water Electron Release

  • Loops from Air Electron Release

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