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by Mr Daniel Thomas Donatelli (Author)

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Your Community & Your Living Environment.


What happens when if the winds stops moving? What happens when the wind stops mixing and hiding the poison gas emissions in your communities air stream, the air you breath?


Well quite simply we start to instantly remember that we have cut down all the oxygen makers, the trees in our local community. We have replaced them with poison gas emitters car factories ,septic’s and combustion poison gas emitters heater furnaces and boilers .


We find our very fast where the oxygen islands of tress are or are not, and where the most poison gas emitters are. In this publication I show Secure Supplies copywrite design for deploying Oxygen Islands in the heart of our communities and populations to provide clean air and rebalance the available oxygen. In such a manner to back up power making renewables such as (solar wind geothermal and hydropower) and storage energy for power security in your community at the same time.


The method discussed in this book allow renewables to provide more than 40% of the grids power needs reliably and in a completely green and secure backed up way.


While allowing peak and trough power spikes to be smoothed out. Oxygen islands are a cutting edge solution, one that is vital to improve your communities air quality and available oxygen %. particularly useful if the wind should ever stop.

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