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Paid Strategic Dealers = Cities States Countries or specific categories
We are now including in each start pack 
The current book training titles
  Technology brief 
  Dealer guide
  Energy storage guide
  University report book 
  Patents reference books 
  book 1 book 2 book 3 
  Training Picture book
  Voltrolysis Guide 
  Hydrogen Hot Rod Magazine
Circuit Assembly Guides 40.
Full set of Circuit boards 
Assembly charts
Circuit bill of materials lists 
Merchandise market kit Cups Shirts Stickers hats etc to help spread the word
Show Wall Market Banners 
Show Table Marketing posters
Paid Dealers gain a Commission position on all equipment 
Commission varies from items to items is stated in Dealer Agreement 
Engine s Gensets Gas Turbines, Energy Storage Systems 
Gas making Gas Handling Equipment and parts. Electric Motors Cars 
All Waterpower gas electric hydraulic parts and systems
Join Today Support the Technologies in your area.
Daniel Donatelli 
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Paid Partner Dealer

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