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Stanley Meyer QUARTZ TUBE

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Water cell with Isolated surface... Is this possible?


•12 Feb 2015  Toroidal transformer - FERROCORE T41X15X27 As you see, about 600 Volts is absolute minimum for Water dissociation, if Water Cells is covered with insulation layers! Now i search more effective insulation method.


Stanley A Meyer Isolated DBD barrier cel
Stanley Myer chokes transformer

Toroidal transformer - FERROCORE T41X15X27 


Stanley Meyer's Patent US4,936,961:


Dr. Andrija Puharich`s Patent for "Water Decomposition by AC Electrolysis":


As you see, about 600 Volts is absolute minimum for Water disotiation, if Water Cells is covered with insulation layers! Now i search more effective insilation method. Stanley Meyer's Memo WFC 420:


In Memo WFC 420 (Page 1-3) Stanley Meyer say: "Voltage intensity or level across Excitor-Array (ER) can exceed 20,000 volts" . Stanley Meyer's Memo WFC 425:


In Memo WFC 425 (Page 6-2) Stanley Meyer say: "All activation points (E9a - b - c - d) performing their respective functions in sequential order in an instant of time since applied voltage level of intensity (typically 20,000 input volts or so) can be extended or increased up to and beyond 90,000 volts range within a millisecond or less". Stanley Meyer's Memo WFC 426:


In Memo WFC 426 (Page 7-1) Stanley Meyer say: "The "mode-of-operability" of VIC Coil Assembly allows Voltage Potential of opposite voltage polarity to increase and be attenuated up to and beyond 20 Kilovolts while inhibiting and restricting amp leakage in the milliamperes range ..." WO 92/07861


In WO 92/07861 Stanley Meyer say: "At start up, in this example, current draw through the water cell will measure about 25 milliamp; however, when the circuit finds a tuned resonant condition, current drops to a 1-2 milliamp minimum leakage condition." Canadian Patent 2,067,735:


In Canadian Patent 2,067,735 Stanley Meyer say: "Ionized air gases and non-combustible gases, introduced through nozzles 2A1 and 3A1, are intermixed with the expelling water mist to form a fuel-mixture which enters into voltage zone 6 where the mixture is exposed to a pulsating, unipolar high intensity voltage field (typically 20,000 volts at 50 KHz or above at the resonant condition in which current flow in the circuit [amps] is reduced to a minimum), created between electrodes 7 and 8." Patent GB 2.324.307A -

Electrostatic Electrolyse method

More details&models, please contact us!

Custom for you but for 11 cell we use this 

11 Cell inside the tubes

Outside Diameter 

Inside Diameter or 16 mm 

Thickness 1 mm or 2mm

Length  69.85 mm 

 Case 11 cell yet to be done

H   mm

od  mm

id    mm

THickness  2 or 4 mm

9 Tube cell Yet to be done

quartz tube spec
H   mm
od  mm
id    mm
THickness 1 mm or 2mm

Here is the Specs : 

1. SiO2> 99.99% ,high purity quartz tube

  2.Operating Temperature: 1250℃

    SoftenTemperature: 1730℃ 

3.Excellent visual and chemical performance .

4. without surface coating and infectant.

5. Health care and environmental protection.

6. Any dimension can be made.

7. CE.RoHs SGS approved.



1. High temperature resistance glass can work under 1200°C continuously,and in short time can even work under 1450°C, its softening point is 1730°C.

2.Quartz glass will not reat chemically with acid except hydrofluoric.Acid-stable is 30 times of ceramic and 150 times of stainless steel.Es-pecially chemical stability is incomparable at low temperature.

3.Electric insulation.

4.Excellent thermal shock stability

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Stanley A Meyer Voltrolysis
Stanley Meyer Quartz Tube WFC Electrolyzer dbd dielectric barrier

Andrija Puharich

DBD Barrrier Voltrolysis


Valentin Petkov /valyonpz/

Pulrich Glass DBD Barrier.jpg
Andrija Puharich Water Fuel Spark PLug 3

Researching Andrija Puharich work from 1970 onward and read some interesting patents from 1970 and 1971.


It seems that the electrolysis work was discovered accidentally after Puharich was working on electrical impulse systems for removing blood clots in the heart of humans. he seems to have discovered the electrolysis phenomenon as a sideline of that research.


See here on patent listings:
3,563,246 Feb., 1971 ~ Puharich 331/47. 
3,726,762 Apr., 1973  ~ Puharich 128/422. 
4,107,008 Aug., 1978  ~ Horvath 204/129. 

Puharich used audio equipment which he amplified into a VIC to perform the work but here is where I think Stan came into the equation:


Stan was not particularly educated in the field of audio frequency carriers and modulations but was educated in the field of am RF carriers and modulations having been in the military and involved with their communications systems.


For example, Puharich never refers to the cell as a resonant cavity which Stan does and this term is taken from microwave radar systems.


Puharich calls the cell a thermodynamic device.

See here
Rather than using audio,

Stan took Puharich's research onto another level and removed the need for audio drivers and amplifiers, instead applying the work into variacs and car alternators as signal providers but one thing remains certain;


Stan could not get around the water nuclear spin relaxation constant, tau =3.0 secs though and he knew it because this will not work without it. Puharich states in two separate patents that i've read that without tau @ 3.0 secs, though extensive research over years he concluded the phenomena ceases to exist.


Because Stan isn't using audio drive circuits and cannot vary the voltage from zero to 100% and back to zero over 3 secs he has to apply tau in a different way.


He starts off at zero voltage with his carrier, pulses that carrier though a gate for a number of pulses defined by his own modulation phase and ends at zero voltage after 3 seconds of modulated carrier frequency.


Secure Supplies, the gate off time might only need to be a millisecond, but as long as there is a defined zero voltage start and zero voltage end with a gap between pulses then that will define tau via a gate.


This phenomena cannot and will not work unless you read exactly word for word what Puharich is saying. Petkov in his video's is close to replicating the work but he's got the tau at the wrong frequency on his pulsing amps video using a solid state relay. He's got the wrong frequency and the wrong duty cycle.

The positive voltage pulse train should be as follows :-
0 to 1.3 volt pulsing amplitude modulation with .tau. at 3.0 seconds.


You can use 5khz carrier or you can use 4khz carrier, either way you'll end up with 3.980khz carrier and four resonant harmonic signals each pulsing 0-1.3v rms.

The Dbd Barrier Stabilizes the effect even futher and makes cell tunable. Cell will work with out a lining coating or quartz sleeve but there aree advantage by using one.

Stanley A Meyer BDB Barrier
Stanley A Meyer BDB Barrier

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Stanley A Meyer BDB Barrier
Hydrogen Hot Rod Usa United States of Am
Stanley A Meyer BDB Barrier
Stanley A Meyer BDB Barrier

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Stanley A Meyer Single Test Cell Voltrol
Stanley A Meyer BDB Barrier

Remember Cells Wired in Pairs .  the 11th cell is not wired in it is for heater. 

Stanley A Meyer Voltrolysis cells Wiring.jpeg
Stanley Meyer 11 Cell with Quartz.png

This patent has the 5khz in it. He pulses it at 5khz because of the frequency doubling effect you get 10khz. He also gives an example of the gating frequency. He also states if you use larger capacitors than a 3 inch the frequency can be up to and above 50khz.

 SMeyer-International_Patent-WO9207861A1.pdf -

 What everyone needs to understand is he is using the water as his load resistance.

That is what he is tuning into the resistive load of the water.


Which gets us back to full transfer of power from the source which is the primary voltage.


In order to get full transfer of power from the primary to the load

the secondary circuit has to be impedance matched to the source of power.


That's where capacitance of the cell is turned into capacitance reactance and the inductor is turned into inductive reactance to get the impedance of the secondary circuit to match the source.


Let say you have 60 volts after voltage drops on the primary side and it has a 75 ohm source impedance,

then it needs to see a 75 ohm load impedance on the secondary side to be matched in order to get 60 volts full transfer from the source.


It is a little more complex than that but is a good idea of what is going on.


Once you do the number crunching on the reactances of both the inductor and capacitor you should see how it would raise the frequency instead of lower it.


Just remember you are working on the water's resistance.


If the primary can't transfer it's power to the secondary then everything on the primary side

turns to heat and you burn up things, and that's where you get your voltage losses

from on the secondary side. 

 Stans VIC finally reverse engineered and ready to build.
What is the Total Z of this circuit using Stan's formulas?


You can work out the Z value of the L1 and L2 along with the capacitance value from the chart below and the formulas from the Tech Brief  Eq 1,8,9.


This will be with air core values.  Also notice where the #(10) shows up.
Only thing I see 10 of is the ohms for the cells. 

Also I find it interesting that I appears many people do not seem to build the feedback coil even though  uses the Z value in all his calculations including the turns calculations.

Stanley A Meyer Resistance Coil Cell  Oh
Stanley A Meyer HHO Cell Voltrolysis
Stanley A Meyer HHO Cell Voltrolysis
Stanley A Meyer HHO Cell Voltrolysis
Stanley A Meyer Modern Circuit PWM VIC M
Stanley A Meyer Modern Circuit PWM VIC M
Stanley A Meyer HHO Cell Quartz
Stanley A Meyer HHO Cell Quartz

Andrija Puharich`s Patent US4394230A:


As, you see, Andrija Puharich use Extreme high "non-symmetric" Coaxial еlectrode system:


"The thermodynamic device is fabricated of metals and ceramic in the geometric form of coaxial cylinder made up of a centered hollow tubular electrode which is surrounded by a "larger" tubular steel cylinder, said two electrodes comprising the coaxial electrode system which forms the load..." !!!!!!!!!


The Central, Inner electrode is "SMALL", but the Outer tubular electrode is much, much "LARGER, BIGGER" !!!!!!!!!!!!! The necessity of an "asymmetrical electrode system" is a prerequisite for the effect of "negative self-polarize" of the outer electrode, which in turn causes a "positive charge effect" of the inner electrode - the Water cell "itself" is polarized!!!



"The center electrode, and the cylindrical electrode are electrically connected by an arching dome extension of the outer electrode which brings the two electrodes at "one point" to a "critical gap distance" which is determined by the known quenching distance for hydrogen." !!!!!!!!!


The Saline Water in the Cell (0.9% salinity = Physiological solution - for maximum effectivity) is "treated" in a very narrow "disk region", formed of two Glass tubes, to obtain a "Pearl chain formation". !!!!!!!!


My Cell diagram:


The Cell with Water:


Патент US4394230A, преведен от мен на български език:


Resonance "Step-Charge" with Car Ignition Coil and WFC with "Insulated Surfaces"


•16 Feb 2015


Car Ignition Coils Stanley A Meyer 79276
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