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Member Knowledge Vault 

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Like a Libarian we have collected , written and designed some valuable items.

and put them in our vault.. 


What sort of items we store in our Member Knowledge Vault ,


Information that can be trival but very very hard and rare to find and learn,


such as a name or links to scientists or rare

and exotic technology builders. 


Some information sets are rare clippings and include designs or references

to no longer found on the web info,

Some items are designs or concepts that you can never dream of, find or invent

some of which are supressed or deleted from historry

It is a constant process to preseve and keep such data in order. 

there are 3d drawings stls and gerbers and work to keep it alive.

We conduct preservation work scanning redrawing repairing and ree publishing. 

We offer You access in return for your support to join us as a paid member

to our industry and business. 

Please join to advance and  aid advancing and preserving the teechnology further 

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  • Heat to Power

  • Heat to Cold

  • Nano Bubble

  • Water to Power

  • Methonal Voltrrolysis

  • Fusion Reactors

  • Ammonia Voltrolysis

  • EPG GAs to Power

  • New Warp Drive

  •  Magnetic Battery

  • H2 Gas Heaters

  • Combustion Tesla Turbine

  • Looping Fuel Cell


In Addition We Accept Western Union US Wells Fargo Bank TT


Your Industry Membership Sponsorship Manager Contact is 

Daniel Donatelli


Mb + 1 520 848 1659

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