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Stanley A Meyer Glossary and Terms

Attenuation - the reduction of the amplitude of a signal, electric current, or other oscillation.


Covalent Bond -


Electrical Polarization Process - Dissociation of the water molecule by way of voltage stimulation

Electron Extraction Process - removes, captures, and consumes the “dislodged” electrons (from the gas atoms) to cause the gas atoms to go into and reach “Critical- State”, forming highly energized combustible gas atoms having missing electrons.

  • See Also "The Hydrogen Gas Gun"


Hydrogen Fracturing Process -


Positive and negative voltage “zones”


Quenching Circuit Technology - a combination and integration of several Gas-Processes that uses non-combustible gases to render hydrogen safer than Natural Gas. .

Resonant Action - Oscillation (back and forth movement) of electrically charged particles by way of voltage deflection. See Resonant Action

Thermal Explosive Energy - Exposing the expelling “laser-primed” and “electrically charged” combustible gas ions (exiting from Gas Resonant Cavity) to a thermal-spark or heat-zone causes thermal gas-ignition, releasing thermal explosive energy (gtnt) beyond the Gas-Flame Stage.


Thermal Atomic interaction (gtnt) - caused when the combustible gas ions (from water) fail to unite or form a Covalent Link-up or Covalent Bond between the water molecule atoms

The Hydrogen Fracturing Process - Atomic Thermal-Interaction between highly energized combustible gas ions

Unipolar Voltage Pulse

VIC - Voltage Intensifier Circuit  AKA Voltrolysis- A Series of Mechanical and Electrical Circuits which Step Charge a Device with Increasing compounding voltage and capacitance.  Void or Amps as no dead short. And Now Electrolytes present 

Just as a Fish Breathes in Water- So is Water Fuel Nano Bubbles of Suspended H2 in the Water in a high % ratio we control ,

prior to turning to vapor and ignition. The Time the suspension can hold is controlled by water temperature , state of a positive charge with out ground or dead short, and air pressure.

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