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Stanley Meyer Videos

Welcome to the front Seat, get some pop corn and put it on the big screen , Enjoy.

This is where you learn Hydrogen on demand is real and you want to help and support Secure Supplies.

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What follows are listings of Stanley Meyer
video LABELS provided to me anonymously.


They appear to be from the Wolverine69 collection   
No videos  provided yet ,if they still exist.

[color=r  Stan Meyer Ukiah SEER '94  15 July 1994 Stan's Master Copy

2             Stan Meyer Ukiah SEER '94 15 July 1994 and miscellaneous footage 15 July 1994 Stan's Master Copy   
3             Stan Meyer Ukiah SEER '94 16 July 1994 REKA interview by Walt at end                           

4             Stan Meyer Ukiah SEER '94 JR Hall 5 pm Saturday July 16 1994 Stan's Master Copy

5             Stan Meyer Ukiah SEER Rest of Sunday Stan Meyer master copy

               Ukiah Science Talk Informal Footage  July 14 - July 18 1994                                                      ed note: not numbered on tape

Stan Meyer and Rick Schneider       Attachment 2  (2 tapes)

  • The Rick Schneider Affair    Document of Record

  • Rick Schneider Attending WFC Seminar  Document of Record

  5 Other VHS tapes

  •           WFC TeachingTape  1 of 2   4/12/88 

             ed. note :Stan made this one day after doing  the2 versions of the Lab Talk
                            Version 2 was provided by James Wight and is a slightly edited version Same as irondmax posting
                            Version 1 is a little longer has more slides and a longer promotional ending

Green Team Jeramie Travels

  •           WFC Injector Plug    Channel 13 KRDO-TV  Extraordinary Science Conference Colorado Springs     1991

             This is a short news broadast by channel 13

  •           WFC Injector Plug    Channel 11  KKTV  E9xtraordinary Science Conference Colorado Springs          1991

              This is a short  news broadcast by channel 11

  •            WFC Hydrogen Gas Management (GMS) System

                 This is the same as released by Don Gabel

Conference Tapes

              Stanley Meyer Atomic Energy Balance of Water IANS Conference on New Energy April 16-18 1993
              There were two copies in the collection
              Dealership Pres,/Demo Meeting

              2nd Dealership Master Slides

             International Symposium on New Energy  Workshop Master  (Based on length 1:38 this is the 1993
                       Colorado Meeting)

             International Symposium on New Energy  Main Talk  51

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