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Nicola Tesla's QEG

- Secure Supplies Supports the Application of Tesla Designs to Make Hydrogen.

Tesla QEG   the Ultimate mechanical modulations unit for voltage and frequency to multiply amps by Nicola Tesla



The Quantum Electric Generator system (QEG) is an adaptation of one of Nikola Tesla’s many patented electrical generator / dynamo / alternator designs. The particular patent referenced is No. 390,414, titled “Dynamo-Electric Machine”, and dated October 2, 1888.

The QEG project:

The building of the QEG Prototype was Crowdfunded by 600+ people. The plans, instructions for building and user manual was open sourced to the public in March of 2014. Please visit this link to download the plans. https://hopegirl2012.files.wordpress....

The Fix the World Organization with lead Project Manager HopeGirl and Lead Engineer James Robitaille have been in co-development with many teams around the world to further the development of this device.

Please be sure to watch our YouTube video Explaining why we did what we did:

There are over 70 QEG’s being built by independent teams of free energy enthusiasts around the world. If you are interested in building a QEG, Fix the World is now offering online classes taught by James Robitaille that can be downloaded. Please visit this link to learn more about and purchase the classes:

We are doing our best to report the latest discoveries and updates on the QEG in the following ways:

QEG Updates are posted on the HopeGirl Blog:

A bi-weekly internet TV show “The Peoples Free Energy Show” on FTW TV provides the latest updates on the QEG teams around the world as well as other free energy projects.

And you can follow us on Facebook:

Or Join our Mailing List:

The most up to date reports, forums and videos from QEG teams around the world as well as background and historical QEG information, and Frequently Asked Questions and answers, is posted on the website.

About Our Comments:
For those of you who follow our work, we hold plans for an array of new paradigm projects that may be considered disruptive to the current power structures on the planet. For this reason, internet trolling activity can be a very big problem. We have disabled comments and moved most of our content to our own platform. This has already proven effective in protecting the integrity of our projects and creating a safe space for those with invested interest in helping to change our world. While we will continue to post Youtube Videos, the majority of our content will be on Fix the World TV here:

New Shows are available to watch for free on FTW TV during the first week after broadcast. All archives can be accessed for a monthly subscription of $6.99. To further help our overall cause of fixing the world, 10% of your subscription is donated to Kiva loans to help others help themselves and graduate out of poverty.


Sadly the QEG Video were attacked and deleted
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