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Tony Woodside Stanley A Meyer Circuits 

Here ya go guys. This is based on Stan's design as represented in his patent. It's a simplified circuit for his "Step-Charging". Cheers! 

I'm about to build a circuit based on Stan's patents and notes. It's the main part of the step charging circuit that people have missed. Everybody thinks that step charging is an effect that happens, but it's not. Step charging was a forced oscillation.

Stanley A Meyer Circuit 2019 Version

 I see there is a slight mistake on the transformer's 5 secondary coils' circuit connected summation..

Tony Woodside Yes the transformer secondary coils will be connected differently, this is just a simplified version and had to be made this way for simulation proposes.

Nice work 👍 
I will give a try with LTspice.
What is you spice simulator ? I use Multisim 

 I like the way you use a 4017 as a selectable switch for spice simulation. Better than a step param for the graph view.

Wow, good work, simple !
Maybe we should use IGBT for better insulation and easier drive ? IGBT are available without internal diode.

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