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Tools for your Stanley Meyer

Hydrogen HHO Work Shop 

We made this page to help you have a faster uptake on which items to order or have on hand in your work shop Beyond the basic Tools. God Speed 


High voltage differential probes: 

Valentin Petkov shows us how to make our own probes 

 We can buy calibrated ones as that is the only way you will be taken seriously by any scientist, to include yourself, as you have a percent error to go along with all of your readings. These are differential probes as there must be zero connection to ground for it is to remain an isolated system at all times. If you give it a ground trust me it's going to take it.


The DP-15  not be high enough in future experiments.


Siglent SDG1050 2CH 50MHz Waveform Generator  €419.00 Excl. VAT

Valentin Petkov shows us Valentin Petkov's signal generator 

he SDG1050 is the best model available in Siglent’s SDG1000 range and doubles the maximum output frequency of up to 50MHz.

Like other models in the range this device is built with a full-colour LCD screen and all functions are clearly labelled and easily selected on the right hand side of the device. Since the coloured screen is present and this device is a dual-channel function generator, the colour co-ordination of displayed waveforms helps with quick and easy identification.

The sampling rate of the SDG1050 is 125msa/s, it has wave length of 16kpts, frequency resolution 1µHz and vertical resolution of 14 bits. It also includes modulation functions for AM, FM, PM, DSB-AM, FSK, ASK, PWM, Sweep and Burst as well as a frequency counter between 100mHz and 200mHz.

The SDG1050 can be used to inject the following wave types:

  • Sine Wave - 1µHz – 50MHz

  • Square Wave - 1µHz – 50MHz

  • Pulse - 500µHz – 5MHZ

  • Ramp – 1µHz – 300KHz

  • Gaussian White Noise – 50MHz bandwidth (-3db)

  • Arbitrary Wave - 1µHz – 5Mhz

This product also includes modulation functions (AM, FM, PM, DSB-AM, FSK, ASK, PWM, Sweep and Burst) and a frequency counter between 100mHz and 200Mhz.

Trifield Meter.jpg

TriField Meter  $200 to $400 depending on model and condition

The TriField Meter is the only EMF meter which offers magnetic, electric, and radio/microwave detection in one package. This meter combines all these unique features with affordable pricing for fast, reliable measurements of electromagnetic pollution: Continuous sampling analog readout; Omni-directional electric and magnetic sensitivity; Two separate scales for magnetic field readings; Hand-held portability and simplicity. The TriField Meter will accurately measure EMF pollution from these "hot spots" in your home, office, or work environment so you can take steps for "prudent avoidance": poorly grounded wiring, microwave oven doors, dimmer switches, strong analog RF transmitters, automobiles, TV's & computers, and other electronic equipment. 

GIder Counter.jpg

Geiger Counter between $190 and $350

Measures Radiation


images (7).jpg

Digital Multi Meter $40 to $150

Measures Volts amps and Resistance Capacitance .

download (1).jpg

PH  Meter $40 to $150

Measures Water Ph 


Oscilloscope $400 to $2500

SIGLENT’s new SDS1000X-E Super Phosphor Oscilloscopes feature two channel and four channel models. The two channel model is available with a 200 MHz analog bandwidth, a single ADC with a 1 GSa/s maximum sample rate, and a single memory module with 14 Mpts of sample memory. The four channel scope is available in 100 and 200 MHz models and incorporates two 1 GSa/s ADCs and two 14 Mpts memory modules. When all channels are enabled, each channel has sample rate of 500 MSa/s and a standard record length of 7 Mpts. When only a single channel per ADC is active, the maximum sample rate is 1 GSa/s and the maximum record length is 14 Mpts. For ease -of -use, the most commonly used functions can be accessed with its user- friendly front panel design. 


Handheld LCD rpm meter 

Price $30

Handheld LCD rpm meter Digital Photo Tachometer Laser Non-Contact Tach Range 2.5-99999RPM Motor Speed Meter +1pc Reflective Tape

download (2).jpg

Non-contact Infrared LCD Digital Thermometer

Price $10 to $30

Non-contact: the temperature can be detected within 5cm to 15cm

Fast and accurate: 0.5 seconds measuring time and measurement error of up to ± 0.2 degree centigrade

Unit conversion: Celsius and Fahrenheit can be converted to each other

Digital Inductance Meter

A6243L Digital LCD Capacitance Inductance LCR Meter Tester Multimeter 200μF 20H

LCR Inductance Capacitance Digital Multimeter Meter RCL 



it works ok but there is no frequency selector.Get a  a much better LRC meter if you can Dan


IEC - EM 1100-001P Coulomb Meter

Measure surface charges +/-

Price is $95.00ea +GST

Freight cost would be approx. $25.00 +GST

images (8).jpg

Directional Magnetic Field Detection Compass

Price is $8.95

  • Using a compass provides a visual, tangible way to understand north, south, east, and west

  • Teach the concept of direction with a real working compass

  • Includes lanyard, protective cover, and instructions

  • Measures 2" in diameter

  • Ideal for ages 6+


Stainless Steel Round Wire Thickness Measuring Gauge Diameter Gage Tool AWG SWG

Price is $8.95

Vaccum Gauges.png

Digital Vacuum Gauge 

Application is testing cell , injectors and air spaces for static charges etc . 

Fieldpiece SVG3 Digital Micron Vacuum Gauge (Replaces SVG2) Easy View

Price 2019  US $143.20

Alicat H2 Gauge.jpg

Hydrogen Purity and Content % Gauge

Application is valuable to know exactly the state of your gases, it can be ordered from alicat to find deuterium hho and h2 etc Tell them you want hho included. may get 2 ones for each.

Model M-20SLPM-D/5M, GAS HHO



Price 2019  US $1,000.00 to $1500

Alicat H2 Gauge.jpg

Oxygen  Purity and Content % Gauge Separate

and Different Gauge

Application is valuable to know exactly the state of your gases, it can be ordered from alicat to find O2 content in gases



Price 2019  US $1000 to $1500



Application is valuable to know exactly where leak are on your fuel lines it can be order with a tip shroud or cup to go over the fitting full to check each fitting, H2 from Swaglok etc are fine thread depending on the h2 purity used. 



Price 2019  US $1000 to $1500


  A company by the name of Dwyer can custom make a Flow Meter for you.


Call toll free at 1-800-872-9141 and ask to speak to a Flow Meter product engineer.

  • Tell the engineer your are measuring mixed Hydrogen and Oxygen gases.

  • The ratio of the gases are 66.666% Hydrogen and 33.333% Oxygen.

  • They will Custom Build the meter for you; at an expense.

If you tell them the wrong mix ratio, the meter will provide the wrong measurement.


Personally, I would ask them the percentage of accuracy +/- what %.
I would also ask them "what part of the ball is used to read the measurement" (top, middle, bottom).


It makes a difference; you see, the bead height is 2 of the meter marks (200 ML each mark). So there could be a 400 ML difference, depending on the position of the bead. That is a lot of gas.

Note:  This Flow Meter makes an approximation/ estimation of the gas flow in exchange for ease of use.


This is, at best, a replacement to manual measuring gas flow using a Liter bottle submerged into water and timing it.


This product offers a workable measurement to researchers and hobbyists who need a ready product which serves the purpose in a trouble free manner, rather than scientific accuracy of a high end... expensive piece of formal research experiment,.


Price 2019  US $300 to $500

Water Purity Meter.png


Pure Water Tester


The HI98308 Pure Water tester is a rugged and reliable pocket-sized tester that offers quick and accurate readings. The HI98308 Pure Water tester features graphite electrodes to reduce polarization effects and an exposed temperature probe for fast response when compensating for temperature changes. Manual calibration is performed to a single point.

  • Exposed temperature sensor

  • Very low range EC (0.0 to 99.9 μS/cm)

  • Single point manual calibration



Spartan's Full Product Offering

At Spartan, we sell, supply and service a wide range of high-quality process control, measurement and automation products and solutions from best-in-class manufacturers.

The products and solutions featured online represent only a portion of the many options available to help solve your challenges.

Our experienced Spartans will assist you in selecting the proper technology to meet your needs.

We can use these tester to see before and after use of our new fuels  and for tuning systems. Dyno and drift  race tuning 


Testo 350 MARITIME - Exhaust gas analyzer for diesel ship engines


Order-Nr.  0563 3503​

  • With DNV GL and NK certificate according to MARPOL Annexe VI and NOx Technical Code 2008

  • Unrestricted availability thanks to pre-calibrated gas sensors which are exchangeable on site

  • Ready to measure in less than 2 minutes

  • Tested gas sensors — as good as reference measurement technology

These unit can test flue gas boiler burner gas emissions and any combustion system emissions. Like Gensets and other vehicle or small engines 

Testo proudly presents the world’s first portable exhaust gas analyzer for diesel ship engines: the testo 350 MARITIME! The groundbreaking exhaust gas analyzer measures emissions at diesel ship engines in compliance with MARPOL Annex VI and NOx Technical Code 2008.


Universal Thread Gauge Set  

The 4 piece Universal thread gauge set identifies USS, Metric,   spark plug size.

Ideal for your Water Spark Plug Projects 

VT No: 16-1763

UOM: 4 - SET


Retail price:$23.94

Availability:In Stock Now!



Using the TCVD12 for illustration, here are the steps that should be taken in the proper sequence.

1. Because oversize spark plug port threads cannot be remedied with the cylinder head on the engine, the first thing that should be done is to identify which spark plug ports (cylinder heads) are out of tolerance because they are oversize. This requires the usage of the NO GO side of our "GO-NO GO" gauges.

For spark plug ports that are at the bottom of deep spark plug wells, these gauges must be fitted into an extended length holder if they are to be used successfully. For this TCVD12 that has its 7/8"-18 spark plug ports at the bottom of a spark plug well, we recommend that our GNG78X8 be used. For other engine models, "GO-NO GO" gauges with compatible extended length holders are listed in the Thread Go - No Go Gauge Recommendations For Specific Engines section of the Ignition Accessories web page.

Pitch Guage.png

Thread Pitch Gauge Set   

Swaglok or

$10 / to $15 

Digital caliper.png
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