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This True account which  is proudly brought to you by Secure Supplies .


All over the world, people live with the idea that it's necessary to burn fuel in order to produce power that we can use. We have been persuaded that we have to buy coal, coke, timber, kerosene, gasoline, diesel, propane etc to burn, so that we can obtain our precious energy.


And yes, it is perfectly true that burning these materials will indeed result in energy. And yes, we need it and we use it in heating, cooling, powering engines etc. But the fact is that we don't necessarily have to burn fuel to get the energy we need to power our devices.One of the simplest and most efficient ways of producing your own energy is a fuel less generator.


The fuel less generator is a device that is understood to function without the need for a wired power source. Strictly speaking, a fuel less generator is not self-powered, but since it doesn't burn fuel of any kind, in everyday language, it can be described as self-powered.In the same way that a solar panel in sunlight uses no fuel and yet puts out electrical power, a fuel less generator draws energy from the environment and provides us with mechanical power.


Actually, power is never "used up", but just converted from one form into another. This is freely available energy that we don't have to buy, but just learn to produce and then use it.A fuel less generator does not need or depend on fuel (petrol or diesel) and it has nothing whatsoever to do with solar energy, wind energy or inverters.• It preserves the safety of our immediate environment from noise and air pollution because it is noiseless and smokeless. Since it does not use fuel at all - there is no smoke which is usually caused by carbon combustion in fuel.•


The components needed to fabricate it are readily and easily available and can be sourced with ease.• It can be built to any capacity, depending on the capacity of the load we want it to carry.• It does not require any mechanical service or maintenance.• It is free from current surge or electric shock• It saves a lot of money individual and business owners spend on fuel.• It is very safe to use, it does not wear or tear and it can work non-stop for as long as you want.



Tesla had a Magetometer and he discovered the earth electron charge was fluxing and was able to be tuned into at colarado. 


With his experience in single line transmission tesla has the ability and skill to do far advanced frequency calculations to work out te math somthing that today is only possible with a pc?.


A Genius. 


This is the main reason he could work through the calculations. 


Just before his death he met a Huge FAN


He Sat with him for 1 hr while he furiously wrote notes from what Tesla said to him.


On February 28, 1928, a man called Lester Hendershot made front-page headlines across the nation with his invention of a "fuel less motor.


" Hendershot managed to develop power with his device by cutting the earth's magnetic field as our normal generator cuts its own magnetic field.

Not claiming his device to be a perpetuum mobile, Hendershot explained that it was tapping the earth's magnetic field and rotation as its energy source. The Hendershot Device concerns a self-running oscillator.

There are a pair of large air-core coils positioned in a "basket weave" pattern, cylindrical capacitors inside the coils, several high-value capacitors, a couple of standard transformers and a permanent-magnet "buzzer" for a regulator. The two large coils are tuned to resonate with each other.


Hendershot  Smuggled the device onto a Aircraft in sectret and prowered the crat to win a Round the world race with out the Public knowing.


Soon after Many years Latter Steven Mark and Several other got togther to learn in far greater detail what makes this possible , here we relay tthis to the world. With a Special Shout out to Bruce who with out his fine work this may have been lost and hidden for another 100 years.


Please SAVE all thing you see  here and print it in hard copy.



Steven mark and a team of very smart people where able to work out the method to also tune in to the frequency. 


Please explore this Extremely rare info.


Please enjoy.


( I have included Hendershot as it is said he was last person to discuss in detail the method and the to methods hendershot and Steven Mark look very similar with alot of details to learn here and put into practice the world would do well to stat coarse in this technology Immediately.



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Please Watch the Top video in full before you go on .

it will set fundamental knowledge in your head before watching the rest.


Invest 3-5 days in this to learn it back to front PLEASE !!!     it took over 100 Years  make!!!!!!!!!    

View the TPU Guides 1 to 4 Forum Thread online click here 

Please Note there are aprox 10 + more videos coming to this page < I am  rendering them at this time. 


I highly recommened you download all back it up again after that and also share to 2-3 young seperate unassociated minds.


To preserve this info, if you can build  any of these things 

tpu coils or the hendershot device exactly to spec or parts of it please

offer to supply me and build at home. to accasional orders.



Theory videos,  they can be found on You tube. 


If you have more to add here,  email me the video or the link 

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