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Hydrogen Rod and Custom

Technology Program

Hydrogen Hot Rod Training Coarse
Students of this program get the skills to modify and tune hydrogen fueled hot rods

18 Month Specialized Hydrogen Street Rods, Hydrogen Hot Rods, 

& Hydrogen Custom Vehicles Training Program

Interested in pursuing a career in the specialty industries of hydrogen street rods and hydrogencustom vehicles?

This course was created for those students who are interested in pursuing a career in the specialty industries of street rods and custom vehicles. Students will plan and design their custom project, learn fabrication techniques, make fueling modifications and modify the induction and fuel  system.

Other areas of instruction will include electricity, electronics, fittings, gas magagement, metal working, lathe work ,intergrated circuit work, ecu modifications, engine modifications.


To finish the project vehicles, students will perform modifications including fuel injection, then perform final assembly tasks on fittings and electronics and test the vehicle for delivery.

                                                            Your Training Will Include:

  • » Concept Design & Planning

  • » Gas Fittings & Fabrication

  • » Fuel Cell System Modifications

  • » Engine, Modifications and tuning

  • » Electricity  Electronics» Custom installtions


                                                      Click here for a curriculum summary

Get a Certification

As a graduate of this Associate of Applied Certifcaton program, you’ll enter the industry with the confidence of obtaining a career degree after receiving personal guidance from industry instructors who are all experienced professionals.

Within the growing field of Hydrogen Hot Rodding , professionals with a comprehensive and practical education can go far.


Some possible career paths are:

  • Custom Builder

  • Repair Technician

  • Restoration and Technolgoy Advancement Technician

  • Custom Fuel installs

  • Fittings Technician

  • Electronics Installer

  • Cell Servicing

If you’re ready to gain specialized knowledge and expertise in the specialty industries of street rods, customs and concept vehicles, Hydrogen Hot Rods can help you get started!


If you have a passion for creating custom vehicles, why not turn it into your career?

Contact Hydrogen Hot Rods today and get the rod and custom training you need for your future! 


Is a Career in Customized Automotive Right For You?

Get More Info…

For more information on training to work on specialized rods, customs and concept vehicles,

and to explore if Hydrogen Hot Rodding  is right for you, fill out the form on this page.

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