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Water Fuel Cell WFC Resonance Tips 

The Information in the following videos is very important as, it has been mentioned by Successful replicators Like Ronnie and many others that increasing the air to water ratio in the cell can lower the operating frequency to  achieve resonance it is a tuning technique.  It is explained and or over explained int he following videos.

It is vital to understand that those preserving leading the tech are doing so as they are very details precise replicators of stans exact items, and in term of metal types thickness and cell types this has provided insights and often easy working replications. A lot of mis understand occurs through half assed  off spec attempts to replicate Stanley a Meyer Work.  So the advice is replicate exactly from the information we have gifted you. Before reinventing the when understand how and how it is made and mounted to do the load torque speed and job so to speak.  


in my opinion Chatgpt is simply rewording what stan Already documented fully in the patents and guide books. and in Some ways once you know what you looking at and for go back to Stans notes as they are precise correct and from the man directly. If you need copies of patent books or training join our Patreon and ask us about sending books.

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